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With the number of related publications increasing exponentially, a static bibliography list will no longer be sufficient. That is why we have developed a fully-fledged web database providing flexibility and easy maintenance. Indeed, it has become evident that even a bibliography classified only by subject areas and authors, such as the one organized by Dr. Merlet, is quite difficult to keep up to date.

Number of records: 394

Note that the database is still incomplete and includes only a small fraction (not necessarily representative or exemplary) of the great amount of publications on parallel mechanisms. Until the database is complete, we refer you to Dr. Merlet's bibliography list. Please, help us build our database by submitting your own (or other) publications.

The current publications database is implemented in Perl as a simple flat file database. Each record in the database is a journal or conference paper, a dissertation, a research report, or a book, written in any of four languages. Each record features a field carrying information about the subject areas covered by the given publication. It also includes a field with keywords describing more accurately the topic of the publication.

Queries to the database are made through an intuitive web interface allowing advanced text searches. New records may be submitted through another web interface or by e-mail following a prescribed format. To avoid spamming, the submitted records are not automatically added to the database. Instead, they are first individually examined and then manually added with the shortest possible delay.

Based on the present database, we point out the following interesting facts:

Most Prolific Authors: Jean-Pierre Merlet (79 articles and 2 books), Clément M. Gosselin (125 articles)
Most Popular Subject: N/A

Enjoy the information and feel free to submit new records or to contact us with any questions and comments.

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